Emanuele Costa (ed.), Expression in Spinoza’s Philosophy. Special issue of the Journal of Early Modern Studies, Volume 12, issue 1 (Spring 2023)

This collection of essays will provide the reader with new perspectives on one of the most crucial topics in Spinoza’s philosophy: expression. The ubiquity of this concept pervades all the works of Spinoza, constituting one of the main traits that emphasize his uniqueness in the history of Western thought. The issue thus serves a dual purpose: on one hand, it will be useful to scholars grappling with the problem of expression, providing an informed and complete set of new approaches to address its long-standing eccentricity within Spinoza’s philosophy. On the other hand, it will help thinkers who are unfamiliar with Spinoza to access important scholarship through a singularly focused lens, i.e., expression, a theme which ties Spinoza to major tendencies in both the history of philosophy and contemporary thought.  

Categories: Journal of Early Modern StudiesJournals

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