Schutzian Research – volume 12/ 2020

Editor: Michael Barber


Michael D. Barber, Introduction to Schutzian Research 12


Alexis GROS, The Reification of the Other as a Social Pathology: Traces of a Phenomenological Critical Theory in Alfred Schutz
Max GROPPER, On Anonymity and Appresentation: Perceiving the Stranger in Everyday Life
Karsten KRAMPE, Svenja REINHARDT, Sebastian WESTE, Choosing to Wait: Waiting as a Possible Part of Projects of Action
Ellen JACOBSSON, The Stranger in Immigrant Integration
Christian ETZRODT, A Phenomenological Approach Towards the Analysis of Politics
Jochem KOTTHAUS, The Religious Experience of Setting Off Emergency Flares? Reflections on a Soccer Fan’s Answer to the Heretical Imperative

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