This Series is devoted to phenomenology as a living tradition of inquiry. It accordingly includes works in which phenomenological methods, concepts, and research results are used to address concrete practical problems or phenomenological insights are used to develop what might be termed phenomenologically-informed practices. But it also necessarily focuses on works that bring newcomers into the phenomenological tradition; works on phenomenological method and methodology (including works for beginners as well as works for specialists); and works presenting the results of original phenomenological investigations.

Our aim is to foster a view of phenomenology as a method rather than as received dogma and to provide a forum for diverse voices in a spirit of methodological pluralism, embracing, for example, both “description” and “interpretation.” This series also publishes the volumes of selected essays developed from the world-wide meetings of the Organization of Phenomenological Organizations, and collections of selected essays from meetings of regional and local organizations within the phenomenological tradition.

Coordinator: Cristian Ciocan

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