Studia Phaenomenologica

Published in collaboration with the Romanian Society for Phenomenology.
ISSN 1582-5647 (print) / ISSN 2069-0061 (online)

Institutional Online Access via Philosophy Documentation Center. We are pleased to offer authors the option to publish Open Access. If you are interested in this option, please contact us at

Studia Phaenomenologica is an international yearbook that publishes original work in phenomenology and hermeneutics in English, French, and German. All articles are blind-refereed or invited. Each issue is a thematic dossier focused on an essential phenomenological theme, be it a particular dimension of a philosopher’s work or a phenomenological problematic important for contemporary discussion. In addition to the thematic dossiers, each issue contains a “Varia” section with contributions from a variety of phenomenological perspectives.

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Editor-In-Chief: Cristian Ciocan (University of Bucharest)
Book-Review-Editor: Christian Ferencz-Flatz (Institute for Philosophy “Alexandru Dragomir”, Bucharest)
Editorial Assistant: Remus Breazu (University of Bucharest)
Editorial Board: Roxana Băiașu (University of Oxford), Ion Copoeru (Babeș-Bolyiai University), Mădălina Diaconu (University of Vienna), Paul Marinescu (Institute for Philosophy “Alexandru Dragomir”, Bucharest), Bogdan Mincă (University of Bucharest)

Advisory Board: Renaud Barbaras (Paris); Elizabeth A. Behnke (Ferndale); Rudolf Bernet (Louvain); Adina Bozga (London); Virgil Ciomoş (Cluj-Napoca), Jean-François Courtine (Paris); Renato Cristin (Trieste); Françoise Dastur (Nice); Natalie Depraz (Paris); Parvis Emad (Chicago); Eliane Escoubas (Paris); Günter Figal (Freiburg); Jean Greisch (Paris); Jean Grondin (Montreal); Marion Heinz (Siegen); Klaus Held (Wuppertal); Friedrich-Wilhelm Von Herrmann (Freiburg); Theodore Kisiel (De Kalb – Illinois); Jean-Yves Lacoste (Paris) Gabriel Liiceanu (Bucharest) Jean-Luc Marion (Paris); Delia Popa (Louvain); Hans Rainer Sepp (Prague); Helmuth Vetter (Vienna); Bernhard Waldenfels (Bochum).


Review copies should be sent at the following address: Studia Phaenomenologica, OP 15, PO Box 100, RO-014840, Bucharest, Romania.

GENERAL INDICATIONS FOR AUTHORS: The articles submitted should be relevant to the problematic area of phenomenology. The texts proposed for publication must be previously unpublished. The texts should not be simultaneously proposed for publication to another journal (or collective volume) until the author receives the answer from the editorial board of Studia Phaenomenologica. All articles are double blind-refereed except when invited.
The texts can be written in English, French, and German. The editorial board strongly advises the authors writing articles in foreign languages (not native speakers) to have their texts proofread and revised by a native speaker prior to submission. Poor quality of language shall lead to the rejection of the article.

LENGTH: Articles cannot be longer than 60.000 characters, including spaces and footnotes. Review articles cannot be longer than 30.000 characters, including spaces and footnotes. Book-reviews cannot be longer than 10.000 characters, including spaces (please do not use footnotes).

MANUSCRIPT / BLIND COPY: In order to expedite the double-blind peer review process, please include a “blind” copy of your submission, i.e. a copy from which you have removed any references that could serve to identify the author, including prior work. Nevertheless, our staff will verify every individual submission for these references and meta-data saved by document processing software (e.g. author fields in document properties); however, if the author submits a “blind” copy this will accelerate the process. On a separate sheet, please include the information regarding the author (name, affiliation, postal address, email).

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