Phenomenology 2005, volume 1. Selected Essays from Asia – part II

CHEUNG, Chan-Fai; YU, Chung-chi (Eds.)


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Phenomenology 2005 is a very large publication, a total of over 4000 pages. There are 5 volumes (one for each geographical area, e.g. Asia / Latin America / Euro-Mediterranean Area / Northern Europe / North America ). Each of the 5 volumes comes in two parts. Thus, Phenomenology 2005 runs across 10 volumes, each can be ordered separately.

In seeking to gain an overview of the Asian contributions to Phenomenology 2005, two distinctions have proven useful: “Western/intercultural” and “pure theory/applied theory.” The first one is concerned either with (1) the purely “Western style” problems or with (2) the intercultural issues. The second one is concerned with either (a) philosophical phenomenology or (b) disciplines beyond philosophy, such as sociology, psychiatry, and photography. Overlapping them, we see four categories that occur as a result: A. Western and philosophical; B. Western and applied; C. intercultural and philosophical; D. intercultural and applied.
Table of Contents

14. Non-Familiarity and Otherness: Derrida’s Hermeneutics of Friendship and its Political Implications
— LAU Kwok-ying

15. Husserl’s View of Metaphysics: The Role of Genuine Metaphysics in Phenomenological Philosophy
— LEE Nam-In

16. The Geophilosophy of WATSUJI Tetsuro and Cultural Plurality
— LEE Sung Tae

17. Contacting and Enacting “Self for being Ethical”: A Model for Psychotherapy Practiced in Taiwan
— LEE Wei-Lun

18. Social Structure as Otherness
— LUI Ping-keung

19. From Miscarried Phenomenology to Intuitive Ontology: Merleau-Ponty’s Reading of Bergson
— MATSUBA Shoichi

20. The Sublime of Judgment: Kant’s Aesthetics in Deconstruction

21. Habitualität und Zeitlichkeit
— MURATA Norio

22. Retrait à traduire (vers une confrontation entre Heidegger et Derrida)

23. The Phases of the Unconscious
— OHTAKI Musubu

24. Phenomenological Psychology in Taiwan: A Genealogical Approach
— TSAI Cheng-yun

25. Art as a Way of the Recovery from Techne to Ethos: Phenomenological Approach to Indigenous Mental Healing in Taiwan
— WANG Wen-Sheng

26. Der junge Heidegger und das Problem der Kategorie
— WATANABE Kazunori

27. Ki und Du – Versuch einer interkulturellen Phänomenologie

28. Dharmakīrti and Husserl on Negative Judgments
— YAO Zhihua

29. On Schutz’s Way of Doing Phenomenology: The Phenomenological Psychology of Husserl as a Clue
— YU Chung-Chi

Notes on Contributors

Chronicle of Phenomenological Organizations in East-Asia
— LAU Kwok-ying

ISBN: 978-973-88632-3-1

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