Engaging with Translation. New Readings of George Steiner’s After Babel

AGNETTA, Marco; CERCEL, Larisa; O’KEEFFE, Brian (eds.)


George Steiner was a peerless scholar of literature and, with After Babel, first published in 1975, he made an enormously significant contribution to the study of translation. The present volume assembles a dozen distinguished scholars of translation, all of whom offer distinctive engagements with Steiner’s work. In doing so, they demonstrate that After Babel has not lost its power to galvanise contemporary research in translation and interpretation studies even today. It is to be hoped that Steiner, who sadly passed away in February 2020, would have appreciated this new collection of essays and received them as a sincere homage to his work. The present volume can also be considered as a celebration of his last birthday in 2019, as well as a celebration of the 45th anniversary of After Babel’s publication. Published under the auspices of the Hermeneutik und Kreativität Research Centre based at the University of Leipzig, Engaging with Translation. New Readings of George Steiner’s After Babel commemorates the intellectual creativity and hermeneutic dexterity of George Steiner, an unrivalled figure in the field of literary interpretation and translation studies.

Contributors: Marco Agnetta, Jörn Albrecht, Christian Berner, Larisa Cercel, Brian O’Keeffe, Jean-René Ladmiral, Beata Piecychna, Douglas Robinson, Clive Scott, Radegundis Stolze, Yifeng Sun.

ISBN 978-606-697-094-5 (paperback)
ISBN 978-606-697-095-2 (electronic)

This volume partly reproduces the first issue of the Yearbook of Translational Hermeneutics.

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