Phenomenology 2005, volume 1. Selected Essays from Asia – part I

CHEUNG, Chan-Fai; YU, Chung-chi (eds.)


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Phenomenology 2005 is a very large publication, a total of over 4000 pages. There are 5 volumes (one for each geographical area, e.g. Asia / Latin America / Euro-Mediterranean Area / Northern Europe / North America ). Each of the 5 volumes comes in two parts. Thus, Phenomenology 2005 runs across 10 volumes, each can be ordered separately.

In seeking to gain an overview of the Asian contributions to Phenomenology 2005, two distinctions have proven useful: “Western/intercultural” and “pure theory/applied theory.” The first one is concerned either with (1) the purely “Western style” problems or with (2) the intercultural issues. The second one is concerned with either (a) philosophical phenomenology or (b) disciplines beyond philosophy, such as sociology, psychiatry, and photography. Overlapping them, we see four categories that occur as a result: A. Western and philosophical; B. Western and applied; C. intercultural and philosophical; D. intercultural and applied.
Table of Contents

1. Phenomenology and Photography: On Seeing Photographs and Photographic Seeing
— CHEUNG Chan-Fai

2. Husserl and Kant on Intuition
— Cho Kah Kyung

3. Sauntering through HIROSHIMAs
— HAMA Hideo

4. Natural Ethics: Legitimate Naturalism in Ethics

5. The Social Formation of Psychic Systems
— HUANG Shinn-Young

6. Ich, Leben und Trieb: Das Problem des Ich und des Bewusstseinsstroms bei Husserl
— INAGAKI Satoshi

7. Reductionism in the Synthetic Approach of Cognitive Science and Phenomenology: Rethinking Dreyfus’ Critique of AI

8. 只要是人,就会理解Being的意义吗 ? 对海德格 – 1928 年的语言观的质疑
— JIN Xiping

9. Heidegger’s Da and Hegel’s Diese: A Destructive Reading of Hegel’s “Sense Certainty”
— KE Xiaogang

10. Living in the Risk World: Ulrich Beck in the Shadow of Husserl and Heidegger
— KIM Hongwoo

11. From Intimacy to Familiarity: On the Political Constitution of the Life-World
— KIMURA Masato

12. Grundwort »Gerechtigkeit«: Heideggers Nietzsche-Interpretation
— KODAMA Hakaru

13. The Over-dominance of English in Global Education: The Contemporary Relevance of Leibniz’s Notion of “Language Care”
— KWAN Tze-wan (關子尹)

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