Phenomenology 2005, volume 2. Selected Essays from Latin America – part II

LOPARIC, Zeljko; WALTON, Roberto (eds.)


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Phenomenology 2005 is a very large publication, a total of over 4000 pages. There are 5 volumes (one for each geographical area, e.g. Asia / Latin America / Euro-Mediterranean Area / Northern Europe / North America ). Each of the 5 volumes comes in two parts. Thus, Phenomenology 2005 runs across 10 volumes, each can be ordered separately.

In Spanish-speaking Latin America, phenomenology has a history of over seventy years, the beginning of which can be traced back to José Ortega y Gasset’s three visits during the first half of the 20th century, and also to the efforts made by prominent thinkers, such as Antonio Caso in Mexico and Francisco Romero in Argentina, to bring phenomenological themes and standpoints into philosophical teaching within the region. In the next generation, phenomenology has been able to build its way and become strong and stable through the endeavors of José Gaos and Eduardo Nicol in Mexico, Danilo Cruz Vélez in Colombia, Ernesto Mayz Vallenilla in Venezuela, Alberto Wagner de Reyna and Francisco Miró Quesada in Perú, Félix Schwartzmann in Chile, and Eugenio Pucciarelli in Argentina. It should be noted that, in the 1970s, volumes written by Alberto Rosales, and Guillermo Hoyos Vásquez were published in the Phaenomenologica series.


15. The Time of Socialization in Alfred Schutz’s Work
— Rosana Déborah Motta

16. Sartre e a Crise do Fundamento. A propósito de Sartre. Metafísica e Existencialismo de Gerd Bornheim. Em Homenagem a Gerd Bornheim
— Marcos Lutz Muller

17. Adeus: A epifania do Outro segundo Levinas
— Nythamar de Oliveira

18. Arendt and Gadamer: Attempt at a Dialogue
— Pepi Patrón

19. Why the Noema?
— Luis Román Rabanaque

20. Contenção e aprisionamento humanos: a sublimidade da natureza em Os Conceitos Fundamentais da Metafísica
— Róbson Ramos dos Reis

21. A ontologia Fundamental de Heidegger e a crítica à metapsicologia freudiana: o homem enquanto Dasein
— Caroline Vasconcelos Ribeiro

22. The Constitution of the Object in Phobic Experience
— María Lucrecia Rovaletti

23. D. W. Winnicott: instigações a uma fenomenologia existencial
— Eder Soares Santos

24. Da metamorfose da intencionalidade à metamorfose do sentido – Uma leitura de Levinas
— Ricardo Timm de Souza

25. Signifi cado Enquanto Atributo de Intenções nas Logische Untersuchungen de Husserl
— Dario Teixeira

26. Phenomenological Description of Pain: On the Intropathic Experience of Pain
— Germán Vargas Guillén

27. Sense-Transmission and the Problem of Analytic Verification
— Roberto J. Walton

28. About the Notion of Phenomenology, One More Time
— Antonio Zirión Quijano

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Chronicle of Phenomenological Organizations in Latin America

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