Philosophical Concepts and Religious Metaphors: New Perspectives on Phenomenology and Theology

CIOCAN, Cristian (ed.)


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Today it might be needless to remind that the relationship between phenomenology and theology is one of the most debated topics in the field of continental philosophy. Beginning with the Husserlian investigations of religious life, passing through Heidegger’s discussion of the sacred, and ending with the “theological turn” of the French phenomenology (admittedly illustrated by E. Levinas, M. Henry, J.-L. Marion or J.-Y. Lacoste), in conjunction with the ever-growing interest of contemporary theologians in the phenomenological method, the conceptual boundaries between these two “types of discourse” have been ceaselessly shifted. Until this day the subject remains highly controversial and, indeed, bears witness to a necessary discussion in contemporary thought. How could phenomenology contribute to a better understanding of religious life? What are the limits of the phenomenological description and its underlying hermeneutical enterprise, when faced with the task of a philosophical understanding of the sacred? Is there any room left for narrative in the phenomenological world of noetic abstractions? What are the major theological challenges of various phenomenologists who, against the lures of relativism, still think in line with the classical assumptions of universal rationality?
Table of Contents
  • CRISTIAN CIOCAN, Introduction
  • JEAN-LUC MARION, The Recognition of Gift
  • JEAN-YVES LACOSTE, La chose et le sacré
  • JAD HATEM, Être la vérité
  • ROLF KÜHN, „Wahrheit“ als Ur-Intelligibilität des Lebens
  • MICHAEL PURCELL, Sacramental Signification and Ecclesial Exteriority: Derrida and Marion on Sign
  • JAVIER BASSAS VILA, Écriture phénoménologique et théologique : Fonctions du «comme», «comme si» et «en tant que» chez Jean-Luc Marion
  • SYLVAIN CAMILLERI, La métaphorisation du lexique augustinien comme herméneutique phénoménologique: le jeune Heidegger et Jean-Louis Chrétien
  • CRISTIAN CIOCAN, Heidegger, l’attente de la parousie et l’être pour la mort
  • TOMOKAZU BABA, Du mode d’existence païenne selon Levinas
  • JAMES E. FAULCONER, Theological and philosophical transcendence: Bodily excess; the word made flesh
  • LEO STAN, Kierkegaard on Temporality and God Incarnate
  • BEÁTA TÓTH, Gift as God — God as Gift? Notes Towards Rethinking the Gift of Theology
  • KRISTIEN JUSTAERT, Subjects in Love: Julia Kristeva on the “Consciousness of the Flesh”
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