Phenomenology 2005, volume 5. Selected Essays from North America – part I

EMBREE, Lester; NENON, Thomas (eds.)


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Phenomenology 2005 is a very large publication, a total of over 4000 pages. There are 5 volumes (one for each geographical area, e.g. Asia / Latin America / Euro-Mediterranean Area / Northern Europe / North America ). Each of the 5 volumes comes in two parts. Thus, Phenomenology 2005 runs across 10 volumes, each can be ordered separately.

This collection illustrates how basic themes of earlier phenomenology such as the corporality, ethics, phenomenological method, and resistance to reductive strategies in modernity are still part of the contemporary discussion in phenomenology. At the same time, it shows how phenomenology is able to provide fruitful responses to new topics in and outside of philosophy such as cognitive science, new media, environmental studies, studies of other species, as well as the analytical approaches within philosophy to the theories of mind and language. Along with other volumes in this collection, this volume shows that phenomenology is one of the world’s most vibrant intellectual movements.



1. Inside and Outside in Wright’s Fallingwater and Aalto’s Villa Mairea
— Enku Mulugeta Assefa

2. Endorsement and Eidos: Phenomenology and the Schutz/Voegelin Correspondence
— Michael D. Barber

3. Bodily Relationality: An Experiment in Phenomenological Practice (VII)
— Elizabeth A. Behnke

4. Scheler and “Values that Belong to the Ethical Sphere”
— Philip Blosser

5. Interactivity in French Television Programming
— Mélanie Bourdaa

6. Experiencing the Other within the We: Phenomenology with a Bonobo
— Scott D. Churchill

7. Levinas: Thinking Least about Death – Contra Heidegger
— Richard Cohen

8. The Problem of Psychology and Public Service Advertising
— Carolyn M. Cusick

9. A Sartrean Phenomenological Ethics
— Christine Daigle

10. The Problem of Givenness in Husserl’s Phenomenology
— James Dodd

11. Disciplines Beyond Philosophy: Recollecting a Phenomenological Frontier
— Lester Embree

— Lester Embree

13. Neurophilosophy and Neurophenomenology
— Shaun Gallagher

ISBN: 978-973-88632-5-5

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