The Reconciled Body. An Essay on the Phenomenology of Elegance


Foreword by Roberta De Monticelli


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The Reconciled Body. An Essay on the Phenomenology of Elegance

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What is elegance? Is it a quality of movement or gesture? Or is it rather connected to the way someone dresses up? Can we think of an elegant object or an elegant speech? These questions point to the ambiguity elegance presents to any person wanting to reflect on it. The Reconciled Body responds to this challenge by looking at the birthplace of elegance: a subject’s experience. From movement consciousness to dreaming, from attention to the upright posture, this book presents the reader with first-person moments that are fundamental in shaping someone’s intimate sense of elegance. In the end, the reader is invited to reflect on the value of elegance and its potential in reconfiguring someone’s I-world relation: is it worth opposing the nature of consciousness to experience the self and other in a radically different manner?


Simionescu’s brilliant formula on elegance conveys a sense of measure and a self-limitation in one’s unconventional conducts, fulfilling the characteristic, albeit subtle, moral nuance carried by the meaning of the word “elegance.” Following the main methodological rule of classical phenomenology, and at the same time drawing on contemporary research about embodiment and movement, the author finds his way to “material” axiology by a bottom-up analysis of the intuitive, lived matter of this value, laying the foundations of a phenomenology of elegance. (Roberta De Monticelli)

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