The Time is Now. Essays on the Philosophy of Becoming

GLIGOR, Mihaela (ed.)


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What is becoming? Is there a philosophy of becoming? And if there is, how we experience it in our times?

“There are many philosophies of becoming formulating diverse methodological, epistemological, moral, cultural, social, economic, political, environmental, and ontological orientations.” (Douglas Allen)

The Time is Now. Essays on the Philosophy of Becoming brings you a few examples and presents a new perspective on the philosophies of today. Hopefully, this collection will inspire many researchers in the vast area of humanities, and will be a useful tool for those interested in the philosophy of becoming, in particular.


Costică BRĂDĂȚAN (Texas Tech University, U.S.A.), Foreword
Mihaela GLIGOR (The Romanian Academy, Cluj-Napoca), Introduction. The Time is Now. On the Philosophies of Today
Douglas ALLEN (University of Maine, U.S.A.), Philosophies of Becoming: Mythic Constructions, the Buddha’s Philosophy, and Gandhi’s Philosophy
Arleen IONESCU (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Language as Becoming: The Cases of Self-Translation of Samuel Beckett and E. M. Cioran
Claudiu MESAROȘ (The West University of Timișoara, Romania), Aristotle on Becoming and Meanings of Time
Carl OLSON (Allegheny College, U.S.A.), Repetition, Différance, and Being-time: Deleuze, Derrida, and Dōgen on Time and Becoming
Steven SAVITT (The University of British Columbia, Canada), Chronogeometrical Determinism and the Local Present
Michal VALČO (University of Prešov, Slovakia & Polish Institute of Advanced Studies, Warsaw, Poland), Being “in the Truth” as the Path to Freedom and Reconciliation: Inspirations from Christian Kenotic Agapeism

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