Translational Hermeneutics: The First Symposium

STOLZE, Radegundis; STANLEY, John; CERCEL, Larisa (eds.)


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This volume presents selected papers from the first symposium on Hermeneutics and Translation Studies held at Cologne in 2011. Translational Hermeneutics works at the intersection of theory and practice. It foregrounds both hermeneutical philosophy and the various traditions – especially phenomenology – to which it is indebted, in order to explore the ways in which the individual person figures at the center of the mediating process of translation.
Translational Hermeneutics offers alternative ways to understand the process of translating: it is a holistic and strategic process that enhances understanding by assisting the transmission of meaning in and across multiple social and cultural contexts. The papers in this collection accordingly provide a preliminary outline of Translational Hermeneutics. Gathered together, these papers broach a new discipline within Translation Studies. While some essays explain the theoretical foundations of this approach, others concentrate on practical applications in diverse fields, for example literary studies, and postcolonial studies.


Larisa Cercel, Radegundis Stolze, John Stanley: Hermeneutics as a Research Paradigm
Douglas Robinson: Fourteen Principles of Translational Hermeneutics
Lothar Černý: Hidden Hermeneutics: The Beginnings of Translation Studies in Germany after World War II
John Wrae Stanley, Jr.: Translational Hermeneutics and Inverted Worlds: Some Reflections on Paradigms
Brian O’Keeffe: Prologue to a Hermeneutic Approach to Translation
Radegundis Stolze: Faktoren einer hermeneutischen Übersetzungskompetenz
Miriam Paola Leibbrand: Der Beitrag der hermeneutischen Dolmetschforschung zur Begründung einer Translationshermeneutik
Rainer Kohlmayer: Die Stimme im Text als tertium comparationis beim Literaturübersetzen
Adriana Şerban: Writing, Directing and Translating Poetic Film
Marianne Lederer: Modern Hermeneutics: a New Approach to the Translation of Culture
Seyed Mohammad Alavi: Quran Translation: A Hermeneutical Case Study
Vera Elisabeth Gerling: Übersetzung und moderne Hermeneutik bei Valery Larbaud
George Heffernan: Translating Augustine and Interpreting the Academicians: An Application of Übersetzungshermeneutik to the Questionable Relation between an Inaccurate Translation and an Inadequate Interpretation
William D. Melaney: Shelley, Hermeneutics and Poetics: Metaphor as Translation
Frank Garrett: Negative Hermeneutics and Translation: The Unworkable Poetry of Wisława Szymborska
Mao Chen: Hermeneutics and Life Writing: Ha Jin as a “Migrant” Translator
Marcel Inhoff: The Hermeneutics of Culture in D. Walcott’s “The Prodigal”



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