Phenomenology 2010, Volume 2. Selected Essays from Latin America: Traversing Multifarious Dimensions of Worldly Phenomenology

MACEDO DUARTE, André; LERNER, Rosemary R.P.; QUIJANO, Antonio Zirión (eds.)


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A sample is always representative, though not always of that which it purports to represent. The question is whether this sample of essays presented in the Latin American volume of Phenomenology 2010, represents the current practice of Phenomenology in Latin America. Even though the question is debatable, some of the essays in this sample represent, undoubtedly, the best of the phenomenological production in their countries of origin. Others may not, at least in the same degree. But all of them taken together seem to represent fairly well the situation of Phenomenology in the Latin sector of the American continent.

Table of Contents 

Presentation / Presentación / Apresentação

1. Merleau-Ponty. Lo humano y lo adverso
Luis Álvarez Falcón 

2. On the Constitution of Social Order
Carlos Belvedere 

3. Patterns of Narrative Identity in Heidegger and Winnicott: Proper, Improper and Pathologic
Adrián Bertorello/Julieta Bareiro 

4. Husserl y Scheler: una fenomenología del amor
Mariana Chu 

5. La antinomia husserliana ontología social-historicidad según Merleau-Ponty. Reflexiones en torno al vínculo entre fenomenología y ciencias sociales
Alexis Gros 

6. A dimensão do hoje: Heidegger e a temporalidade do discurso filosófico
Soraya Guimarães Hoepfner 

7. Phenomenological Principles and the Notion of Biology in Psychopathology and Psychiatry
Guilherme Peres Messas 

8. Expresión lingüística y expresión corporal
Natalia Petrillo 

9. Cuerpo, cinestesia, nóema
Luis Román Rabanaque 

10. Phenomenological Reflections on the Conditions of Cultural and Ideological Encounters and Conflicts
Rosemary R.P. Lerner 

11. Fenomenologia da Mania
Melissa Garcia Tamelini/Daniela Ceron-Litvoc 

12. An Overview of Living Meaning: between Phenomenology and Hermeneutics
Germán Vargas Guillén 

13. Compreendendo a matemática de um ponto de vista fenomenológico
Maria Aparecida Viggiani Bicudo 

14. Mundo cibernético e horizontes educacionais: um ensaio
Maria Aparecida Viggiani Bicudo/Maurício Rosa

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